Discussion topic: Direct number for retentions?

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Direct number for retentions?

Is there a way to contact retentions, or at least get them to call me? 


My story....

  • Asked to cancel my TV contract at begnning of March, as the offer in place was not attractive.
  • Was contacted by retentions a few days later. Agreed a package at c. £65. Only after agreeing it was I informed it would be going up in pice in April, and there would be a £10 admin charge 1st negative)
  • For a couple of weeks, checked the Future bills - there were changes, but did not reflect the agreement - in fact most services were missing. And there were 2 admn charges.
  • Contacted retentions (with some difficulty getting there), who agreed that something had gone wrong. When they tried to work out how to get the price I was previously offered, they said they would have to review the recording, and then they would call me back.
  • No call back received. I checked my Future bill, and the services pretty much matched what I expected, but the price was still not what I was expecting, and there were still 2 admin charges.
  • Today, I called them back. After the usual difficulty finding a number to call (saved it this time), I eventually navigated to probably a 1st level of support, only to listen to the background noise in a call centre, with no-one speaking to me. Eventually went quiet, though still connected.
  • Hung up and went through the rigmarole again. This time, spoke to someone on there 1st level support, who eventually tried to transfer me to retentions. Rang for ages - then disconnected.

So how do I get a message to retentions that they are letting me down, and need to call me? I've only a couple of days left to where I can change my mind and end the contract, but that's what I feel like doing at the moment.


People use customer service to condemn VM, but my experience of Sky to date is that they are not as good in all respects.... 😒




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Re: Direct number for retentions?

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@elkay62  There is no direct link and they won't contact you off the back of a forum post as they can't identify you from this forum account 


Other than calling sky again yourself an official complaint might be the best route 



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Re: Direct number for retentions?

@elkay62 I am in the same situation. I agreed with retentions on a price reduction for my tv/bb package, and although my current bill reduced, my future bills do not match the agreed price. After several calls I spoke to someone who said they need to review the original call recording and will call back. I mentioned reading post like yours and he said "no, no, I will definitely call back!"

Did you get a resolution to your disagreement?

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Re: Direct number for retentions?

I eventually got in contact with someone in retentions again, who said they would review the previous call, and arranged a call back with me. They actually contacted me at the time, but I was in the loo and didn't pick up. Awaited a further call which didn't come, but when I logged on to my Sky account, I found that they had updated the charging to my satisfaction.




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