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Date order of available episodes to download

Why does Sky have on demand content in chronological order?

I understand this is correct for things in series order ie Chicago Fire you would want it available in Series order and then episode order per series.


But something that isnt split in to series or even months, for instance Eastenders. This seems to be grouped by calendar year. So if I want to download Thursday 13th April episode I have to manually press the right arrow on the remote through every episode since New Years Day. So when we get to later in the year I will having to press through weeks and months.


Surely it would be easier to list in reverse chronological order? Or grouping it by month aired not by year?


Unless there is a quicker way of finding the one you want and if so could someone let me know?




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Re: Date order of available episodes to download

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hi @danskydan 


I am not aware of a quicker way to access the latest episodes.


I think, although I may be wrong, that SKY reversed the order on SKY Glass/Stream to make accessing the most recent easier - I guess if that is the case maybe they  will do it for sometime in the future SKY Q


Probably best to send your thoughts to viewerR@sky.uk   


I think it is one of those things that differ between what may be logical and what is more practical


Edit : BTW I don't think SKY are alone as streaming services such as Prime also show the oldest first - great if you are starting from the beginning but not if you just want the last few 


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