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Re: app update

Hi LotusGreg.

Thank you for your reply

I have been on the app to Sky today,they went through the same routeen

Of asking me the same questions and giving me the same answers. That they are working on the fixes on the app

They said hopefully it will be a couple of weeks,if I still got the same problem then contact them again. I am running android 10

, mobile and tablet.When the doorbell is switched off I still get full bars on the app. Total crap. I don't think they have a clue. I can run Ring products on both phone and tablet I only signed up because of the ring charges going up. you would have thought that the app would have been sorted by now. They should of warned of problems before selling the insurance.It is not free Tec it's included in the price of  the insurance. What would happen if we did not pay the monthly premiums,and we said that oh problem with the Bank, they would soon be on our backs. 

The worst thing is that it's not the product it's the app. I believe they have had this problem with the doorbell, chime going back to last March.

They could have a post on this forum,listing device's that they know to have issues with on the app. At the moment it's hit and miss if the app works or not.

























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Re: app update

Spot on. I have just been offered a replacement door cam as if that would fix the app! I've already had new leak sensors and an Amazon voucher top cover the TP link had already purchased. It all goes around and around. I've even had an apology for the "Jack & the beanstalk" advert because I told them it was rubbish!! 



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