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Welcome to the new Sky Protect Community board!

Posted by a Sky employee

Hello all, this is the new Sky Protect Community board. 

Here you can ask questions about Sky Protect Home Insurance, Sky Protect Device Insurance or the new Sky Protect Smart Home Insurance that comes with a tech bundle of cameras and sensors (launched in early May 2023).


Our Superusers and staff will try our best to support your queries or direct you to the right information.


You can also find more information for each product below via this link- Sky Protect | Sky Help | Sky.com. 


The new Sky Protect Smart Home Insurance comes with a dedicated App, the Sky Protect App, where you can start a live chat with a specialised team member. Please note, staff and Superusers within this board won’t be able to help with specific queries related to insurance claims, billing or cancellations etc. Please refer to the Smart Protect App for anything related to Smart Home Insurance or use the above link to contact a member of that team. 


Thank you 


Community Manager


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