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Doorbell charging issues

I've had my doorbell on charge for 48 hours after it died completely. The battery is now on red. When I plug it in I get a solid yellow light not the flashing blue and yellow as described on the instructions. Anyone had these issues and got a fix? 


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Re: Doorbell charging issues

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Try via the app doing a reboot of the doorbell, when it's not connected via usb to the chime for charging, then try recharging again.


A solid yellow normally means it's not connected to the chime.

Yiu could try re syncing it, make sure when syncing the doorbell you keep it pressed until it clicks.


If none of that helps, try resetting the doorbell by pressing reset for ten seconds and then resync with chime.

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Re: Doorbell charging issues

i had the vsame problem mine would not chargeleft over night. then this morning i pushed the on / off swith on back of the doorbell by the charging point to off left it for 10 sec and pushed it back to on and it is now charging

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Re: Doorbell charging issues

got the same issue


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