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Doorbell & Tech driving me crazy



was really excited to get my SKY home protect but it is dreadful, looking to see if it is a device issue or if it is just awful.


-. doorbell mounted by door 

- chime (wirh incredibly short power lead and Ethernet cable) plugged into router 

- I have the super fast fibre, 3 WiFi boosters 

- when my doorbell is on top of my chime the signal is "ok" 3 bars 

- when I put my doorbell by my foot and my chime as close as I possibly get it so line of sight is through one wall / window I get one bar 

- fully charged it's 83%
- drops to 20% within a day 

- cannot talk to anyone

- picture however is perfection. 


Home Security Camera

- will not even let me select a WiFi network (again testing next to my router)

- manually entered and i never get past the trying to connect 


Am I fighting a loosing battle and do I need to return this or has anyone had any luck with this (removed) Stuff 


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