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App not working

Recently signed up for home insurance. There was an issue in that I had to cancel and start a new policy. The  iPhone app showed the original policy number but this did not change when policy cancelled and new one issued. Known problem said support, an update will out before your start date and all will be well. Update came and all is not well - it shows no policy details ar all, just a spinning ball. Neither will it connect to the door chimes. I tell support and guess what - it is a known issue but no date for fix. What sort clown runs this enterprise. I have asked for policy to be cancelled without penalty whilst enquiring what to do with their tech stuff - bin it or will they pick it up. This is truly disgraceful.




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Re: App not working

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whilst enquiring what to do with their tech stuff - bin it or will they pick it up.


All tech supplied by Sky Protect is yours to keep after the cooling off period. If you decide to cancel after 31 days, you will be subject to an early termination charge. You keep the tech but features on the Sky Protect app that are part of Smart Home Insurance will stop, as listed below.


  • Cloud storage.
  • Motion or noise alerts from the indoor camera and video doorbell.
  • Any automated or scheduled arming, incident escalation, and emergency contact alerts.
  • Reduced app and tech help through live chat.
  • Extended warranty.

If you do cancel within the cooling off period, you'll be asked to return the tech free of charge. There is a non return charge if the tech isn't returned within 21 days from the point of cancellation.



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