Sky Mobile & Sky Talk calls to Pakistan

Sky Mobile & Sky Talk calls to Pakistan


From 31 August – 30 September 2022, we are crediting Sky Talk and Sky Mobile customers who call and text loved ones in Pakistan. You won’t be charged for any calls and texts made during this time.


Our thoughts are with those who have been affected by the devastating floods.


We'll apply credits for:


  • Sky Talk: Calls to Pakistan (covers UK/ROI and Now customers)

  • Sky Mobile: Calls and texts to Pakistan from the UK.


Note: Roaming in Pakistan, calls and texts from Rest of the World destinations to Pakistan and picture messages (MMS) will still be chargeable.


Billing and credits


This is how you will see these changes reflected in your bill:


  • Sky Talk and Sky Mobile customers will see that they’ve made the calls and texts since the 31 August and have been charged for them, however, they’ll receive a credit to offset this. This will be shown on their bill.

  • Any call charges will be credited daily and any text charges will be credited within 7 days, so customers might see credits added at different times. Any credits will be applied within 14 days – this is just in case there’s any delays.


Sky Mobile spend caps


Any calls and texts to Pakistan will still count towards the customer’s monthly spend cap. You can change your monthly spend cap limit anytime here.

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