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Number porting issue


I purchased a new mobile phone from Sky.

I was with Tesco mobile, but my husband has Sky TV etc.

I have done all the information from my old phone to Sky.

I got a pac code from Tesco mobile, to keep my number, so I  can keep my old number on my new Sky phone. 

I phoned up Sky to let them know regarding my package code.

I spoke with one of your colleagues from India. 

I explained everything to him.

He said it would take 2 days, regarding the bank holiday. 

I have received a message earlier on this evening to tell me its up and running

Quess what I have been given a new mobile number that I don't want. 

I told him I am sent a message regarding the code. He said everything was OK. 


Can I please have my old number back. 

I am very annoyed. 

I want a answer please. 




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Re: Mrs Susan Stokley

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@William+Stokley wrote:

I have received a message earlier on this evening to tell me its up and running

What did this message actually say as that might not be referring to the number transfer from Tesco to Sky as this wouldn't take place on a Saturday as you would be looking at Tuesday (due to the Monday being New Years Day a bank holiday). The number you currently have is the number that has come with the Sky sim which should be replaced when you number does transfer next week.

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