How to redeem Piggybank Rewards

How to redeem Piggybank Rewards


With Sky Mobile your data is yours to keep. At the end of every month (billing period) we’ll automatically roll over any unused data into your Sky Piggybank for you to use whenever you like.


You can use it to:


  • Top up your data if you're running low; or

  • Cash it in for a range of rewards, including money off new phones, tablets and accessories.


Good to know: Only the account holder can top up data and cash it in.


Cash in your data for rewards


  1. Head to the MySky App, and click the 'Mobile' tab at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Look for the tile that says 'See Piggybank Rewards', and click on it

  3. Here, you can choose between Mobile Handsets, Tablets and Accessories


How to redeem Piggybank Rewards.How to redeem Piggybank Rewards.


If you select one of these tiles, you'll be redirected to This means that you'll need to sign in again with your Sky iD (if you have forgotten this, click here). 


You may find that while you're browsing online, you get stuck in that sign-in loop, and your basket gets cleared. This is an error with the multifactor authentication process, which our teams are currently working towards a solution for. 


Rewards change regularly. And the more unused data you save the better it gets, so keep checking back. You might see different rewards depending on how much data you've got saved.


Piggybank rewards are available after the end of your first bill period.


  • Timings: Any unused data at the end of the month (billing period) will roll over and show in your Sky Piggybank before midnight on your bill date.

  • Minimum amount: You need at least 1GB saved in your Sky Piggybank, as it can only be used in whole GB values. For example, 1GB not 0.45MB.

  • First bill period: You'll need to wait until after your first bill period.

  • Expiry date: Unused data lasts for 12 months. There’s no limit to how much data you can save, but it expires after 12 months if you don’t use it.

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