Sky Mobile Roaming

Going to Spain or New York? Download TV & Movies on Sky Go, and take Sky Mobile along to multiple holiday destinations. Get set for your trip away with our travel checklist.


Sky Mobile Checklist


  • Set up a Sky voicemail PIN before you travel: Call voicemail (759) and follow the instructions.

  • Save useful contact numbers: voicemail abroad (+44 7488 222 000) and enter your PIN (roaming charges may apply).

  • Contact Sky from abroad: (+44 131 278 3778)


Sky Mobile Roaming Destinations and Charges


Popular destinations:


Want to see our full list of Mobile Roaming Destinations? CLICK HERE!


  • To avoid roaming charges, you can turn off data roaming and mobile data in your phone settings before you get to your destination. 

  • You can also choose how much you want to spend each month on extra, out-of-plan charges for each SIM. You can sign into My Sky and change your spend cap anytime.

  • Fixing roaming issues is easy with our handy mobile roaming troubleshooting.


Our Roaming Passport Plus pass (£2 a day) lets you access your UK data, calls and text allowances in over 55 popular holiday destinations, including the EU/EEA*, the USA, Australia and more. If you’re roaming in other far-away destinations, ‘Rest of the world’ roaming charges may apply.


USA Sky Mobile VoLTE Roaming (4G Calling abroad):


  • You'll need a compatible phone to use calls and texts or contact the emergency services while you're in the USA. This is because mobile network providers in the USA are making improvements to their networks.
  • To check if your phone is compatible and find out more, go to Roaming in the USA.


Can I download shows and movies on Sky Go before travelling to the EU?


Stay informed, with our top tips for travelling abroad with Sky:


  • You're able to download shows over WiFi from our Sky Go and Sky Kids apps in the UK, ready to watch offline when you’re in the EU.

  • You're not able to stream shows, movies or events from Sky Go, Sky Sports, Sky Kids, or Sky Sports Box Office when travelling to the EU.

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