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Address issue to buy a device


I'm a PhD student. I have recently started my course and my course duration is 4 years. I need to buy a new phone (which can give me minimum 5 years of updates) as my current phone is out of software updates and most of my work require latest software to run important Apps. I tried to buy a phone with a monthly contract. But unfortunately, I can't buy as most service provider needs my 3 years of resident address. Since, I am an international student and recently moved in the UK, I don't have a previous address. 

If anyone know the solution of my issue, Please suggest me something. It would be highly appreciated.


Thank you.

Best wishes.


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Re: Address issue to buy a device

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There is going to be no easy answer to you for this I'm afraid as Sky could well be the same regarding your address, all you could try is to phone Sky tomorrow to see if they can help but you might find they can not.


Under "Need more help ?" link at the bottom of the page on this link is the number to call Sky on:



If they can't you only option would be to purchase a phone yourself outright and then get a pay monthly sim from somewhere like Sky.

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