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Error code 4090

Hi, I have a sky Streatham account with full sky entertainment and sky sports. I have downloaded the Sky Go app to watch stuff when I'm not at home, but I get an error code 4090. Due to a technical issue you cannot watch this channel. Please try again later. Not sure what to do next. Any advice


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Re: Error code 4090

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Make sure your Sky account is linked to your Sky ID, to do this see if you can access this link to view your online Sky bills:




You might then be asked to link it to your ID and you will need your Sky account number or your viewing card number to do this.

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Re: Error code 4090


i get this error code. I've linked my account as suggested, rebooted etc but still no good. Any help gratefully received!

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Re: Error code 4090

Help for this problem is fragmentary 

I signed onto my main Sky account via Safari (Mac user)

went to my bills - nothing visible

was able to link my ID to my account and this seemed to fix my issue - could see my bills etc

my app Sky Go now working as predicted 

Note: I renewed my contract in May 2024 was this the catalyst?


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