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Re: Netflix black screen

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That button isn't a power off button thats the standby button, which is different thing.


The standby button is like putting the TV to sleep and turning off the screen, but as the Glass is essentially a mini computer you need to sometimes give it a reboot which is what turning it off at the plug and waiting at least 30 seconds does. 

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Re: Netflix black screen

Had the same issue, appears to be casued by the resolution on Sky settings set to UHD 2030p, changing to 1030p seems to work. But need to do before loading netflix app, otherwise need to turn puck off and back on and then change settings

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Re: Netflix black screen

I have this issue. Got a stream puck and ultimate netflix.  I also have a lg smart TV so I watch Netflix using the netflix app on the TV.  I would imagine the TV app and the stream app will be supplied by netflix and are largely or even all the same code. Likely down to Sky's software.


Although there will be a lot of apps to test, Netflix has to be a pretty common one. There are only so many settings a user can vary.  I am disappointed this hasn't been reproduced and fixed. 


Is there really no way to reset a crashed puck other than turn everything off? If so then that also seems rather a design oversight.

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Re: Netflix black screen

Quickest way I found to fix black screen is to unplug and plug usb cable which takes you to Netflix reboot screen immediately 

all other apps on sky steam no issues


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