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Technical fault on TV

One of my TV's was working perfectly well, until 2 days ago when a message stating technical fault on channel was shown. I have turned router off, then back on, but it still shows the same fault. I can see all of the channels, and what all of the programmes are, but there is a black box in the corner with no programme showing.

I have also unplugged Sky from the TV and plugged back in

All of the other TV's (3) are ok. 


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Re: Technical fault on TV

Posted by a Superuser, not a Sky employee. Find out more

@Dave832  Which service do you have Sky+, Sky Q of Sky Glass/Stream?


The accessibility forum isn't the correct forum for these issues so as soon as you advise which service you have we can move your post to get the right help

Like you I'm a customer here, Sky Employees are clearly identified as such.
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