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Accessibility - great service

I recently joined Sky Accessibility and want to tell others how good it is.
I needed a different remote control after upgrading to Sky Q as the standard one isn't manageable for me (and I suspect plenty of others - it's horrible). Got signed up in 2 minutes and the Sky Q Accessibility remote control arrived 2 days later. Fabulous, a huige difference from the standard one, this one is easy to use, intuitive, and no small fiddlt buttons. This should be the standard remote because it is far superior.
I have the multi-room setup so I called the Accessibility helpline and asked if I could have an extra one - it arrived 2 days later. The helpline is wonderful, I had a nice chat with the customer service guy in Scotland, and found out a few more things. Sky dedicate this helpline for more than queries, they also monitor vulnerable customers and provide support. Excellent, and beyond what most companies would do.


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