Thanks to Sheila from Dunfermline

I want to say a very big thank to Sheila  from Dunfermline (Removed) for her help in sorting out my problem in upgrading to SkyQ. Three days after agreeing the SkyQ contract the IT team disabled our multi screen boxes prematurely. Obviously an error on their part.
Over a period of 5 days I made 4 calls and spoke to 5 people none of whom, despite their best efforts, sorted the problem out.

In fact one person cancelled my SkyQ contract without telling me.

Fortunately Sheila was the  sixth person I spoke to and she immediately took control of the situation. 

She was extremely professional , communicated regularly with me and resolved the situation to my satisfaction.

I am very grateful to her. This became a complicated situation which was not my fault and she stuck with it to the end. I've been with Sky for 33 years and without a doubt she is the most professional person I've ever dealt with there. Please pass on my thanks to her.


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Hi @knpsmj72  ,

Thank you for your post and sharing your experience with Sky. We have sent your thanks onto the staff member and their manager.




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