Sky VIP team at Wembley 11.11.23

Saturday night I took my 11 yo daughter to see Nothing But Thieves. I cheakily ask about taking her in to the lounge as it was her first ever gig and want to see if we could make it a bit more special. Your team was so accommodating. The guy who I believe was the team leader, whilst chatting, asked where our seats were. And from this point in our night totally changed from what was going to be a fabulous night to something really special. He allowed us to sit in the special seats beside the stage. (S4)-we were shown to our seats and then guided to the lounge. Even the guy on our door was so courteous and lovely. Other than it being a blinding night of music – as my daughter put it, she also felt confident about being there and safe. - which didn't feel before going in.  Jess is autistic - And safety for her is so important to her otherwise she can feel overwhelmed. I can't thank your staff enough. I've never seen that girl smile so much and this is not an easy thing to bring out her. And I also could relax. 
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
Liz Digby and Jessica. 

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