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Social tariff

Apparently, representatives of the elite are not ready for a social package and social revelation, why hasn’t any of the providers done anything on their own without government orders regarding the provision of Internet and telephone services, at least at home within the country?! A rhetorical question, probably pensioners and the disabled should do it themselves for the producers!?! In the richest country in the world, even in public places, Internet is not everywhere, when it should have been free for a long time, we still pay, and pay quite a lot, the real overpayment already exceeds £40, and this is 3-4 times higher than any basic packages , the profit is not hard to notice. That's just what was given to the consumer within the country? It remains only to guess. The Nebo company is no exception, they generally stopped talking to consumers, even in emergency situations when their client has problems or questions. 


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Re: Social tariff

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Does this have anything to do with Sky? Sky has a social tariff. 


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