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List your cinema

It would be great if we can get our local cinema's listed when it comes to choosing a venue to watch a free monthly film by being a Sky VIP! 


I live in Cumbria and have had to travel at least 2hrs or more to watch a free movie, I happen to have 1 local to me and no good for wheelchair access and a further 2 cinema's that would be fine for me as I've used these personally. 

So could Sky not give us the option to get these cinema's added to the list that is current? 

Carlisle is probably the only nearest one to me when it shows up in the list of venues. 

Please give us the ability to add more venues of our choice. 


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Re: List your cinema

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'Free' cinema tickets would tend to indicate someone is losing money, so unfortunately it's very unlikely that the participating outlets will widen.  There will be a commercial arrangement between whoever is running the Sky VIP scheme and the cinema chain, but I very much doubt the cinemas are getting anything like a full ticket income.

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