INVITE: Sky Go Trials on Consoles

Sky Go Trials are back!


The new version of the Sky Go App is launching on Consoles soon. The aim of this trial is to test and learn, so we want your honest opinions; see if you can spot any glitches, lags or quick fixes. Your feedback will mean a successful launch for all customers. So if you have a keen interest in digging up clues, this might just be the trial for you!


Once we are ready to start the trial, our trials team will be in touch with more information via the email address on the survey.


Applicable consoles - You can get involved on:


  • PS5

  • PS4

  • Xbox series S

  • Xbox series X

  • Xbox One

  • Xbox One S

  • Xbox One X


Estimated Trial date: starting 24th June 2024


Please noteSome of you may currently be on our Sky Go trials already. We will be asking all trialists to agree to an NDA before being accepted onto this trial. To use Sky Go on your PS4, you'll need to have Sky Go Extra or Multi-Screen. If you've got Sky Glass, you'll need a Whole Home subscription.


How do I get involved?


All you need to do is click on your relevant access link / scan the QR code and select: “View this opportunity to join the trial.


PS4/PS4 Pro


Access link

PS4 QR code







Access link

PS5 QR code





Xbox One, One X, One S


Access link

Xbox One, One X, One S QR code





Xbox Series X/S


Access code

Xbox Series X/S QR code




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