Introducing Sky Protect Home Insurance

Sky Protect Smart Home Insurance


Sky Protect brings together smart tech and home insurance to give you Smart Home Insurance. Spot little problems before they turn into big ones by sending alerts to your phone. Prevent a minor leak becoming a major escape of water, and know when a window or door is open when it shouldn't be. Stopping a claim before it happens, now there's a smart idea.


Good to know: Sky Protect Smart Home Insurance will only insure your permanent, main residence - not any secondary property or holiday home. Our Smart Home Insurance doesn't cover landlords or provide landlord insurance.


The Smart Tech Bundle


With the Smart Tech Bundle and Sky Protect app, Smart Home Insurance gives you the tools to protect what matters most, home.


What's in the bundle?


  • Video doorbell. See who's at your home from anywhere. Even chat with them.
  • Indoor camera. The ultimate house sitter. Keeps an eye on any room.
  • Motion sensor. Lets you know if something moves in a specific room or area.
  • Contact sensors. Lets you know if a window or door gets opened or closed.
  • Leak sensors. Looking out for unwanted water. Even hidden leaks with humidity settings.


The Smart Tech BundleThe Smart Tech Bundle


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