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Wifi range rubbish

I pay extra to garentee my WiFi range and bit dies not reach all the parts of my house

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Re: Wifi range rubbish

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Have you actually called Sky to make a claim under the guarantee?  Until you do that, nothing happens other than initial provision of the appropriate Hub model.


Sky loans wireless booster hardware free under the terms of the 'WiFi Guarantee' element of 'Broadband Boost' and the 'Enhanced Wall to Wall WiFi Guarantee' part of the 'WiFi Max' subscription supplement: they don't otherwise provide or sell them except to resolve issues with Sky Q. Inevitably some have leaked onto a certain auction site, but Sky won't offer support with using these. 


Confusingly the 'Wall to Wall WiFi Guarantee' doesn't actually provide booster hardware, and is essentially a sales lead generator for the supplements mentioned above.

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