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Wfi/broadband drop out

For a while now I have had problems with WiFi and broadband connections dropping out this affects my sky Q and cameras it happens mainly at night but sometimes during the day is there a problem with my equipment as when I do service check it says everything good obviously not is anyone else having these problems

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Re: Wfi/broadband drop out

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@dalewood Can you please run the broadband test, this can be done either via the Sky app on mobile data or use the link below.

If it finds an external fault it should enable you to book an engineer.

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Re: Wfi/broadband drop out

We have the same issue we run the test as said in here and all comes back OK we have a firestick and do a speed test on there and it comes back at 2.54 mbps it is also the same on a external speed test app . Restarting the hub doesn't work as well as my sky box's loose connection as well 

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Re: Wfi/broadband drop out

In morning No wfi and yet in settings it shows wfi and ticked with two/ three bars . This tends to happen throughout day wfi comes and goes. Using lap top then no wfi same with tv with mini boxes only been happening for four weeks . Open reach did not cure this issue


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