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Sky Q WiFi Hotspot Pain

For some time I've had periodic drops in WiFi connections with some devices, to the the point I thought it was down to my personal PC (work PC is solid).  It is very intermittant and goes for weeks totally fine, then it is on/off.  When diagnosing it I looked at a Nirsoft scanner and found my PC connecting to the Q box, then to the hub.


I've looked at the help pages and realised I can turn off 2.4/5Hz on the Q box, but that is not much of an option (it needs internet) and neither is ethernet. I realise I can't change the SSID so I only connect to the hub.


Is replacing the router an option to a non-Sky device (i.e. different SSID), any config (block WiFi connection to the hotspot) or WiFi adapter options (Dell laptop is oblivious to all the troubles)?  Or is it time to leave Sky Boradband?


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Re: Sky Q WiFi Hotspot Pain

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@SkyCustomer25 the Sky Q system is getting old and its mesh wifi is not the best and your problem is not unusual. You cannot control which node a device connects to so if a Q box is closer to the device its wifi signal will be stronger even if the connection speed it offers is lower. The best solution is to improve the backhaul connection to that Q box ideally by hard wiring it to the hub or as I used to do myself using powerline adapters which use your home's mains wiring to carry the signal.


You can also simply replace the Sky hub with a third party router but then you are likely to hit issue with your TV boxes as Sky Q minis cannot be connected to third party wifi so you will stil have to have a Sky wifi signal from the main Q box for those to connect to. The newer Sky Stream service has none of these complications as the pucks are simple wifi clients but you may need to buy a wifi system to get full coverage in your home.

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