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Sky Broadband Max plus Pod



I've recently switched my broadband from EE to Sky Max.


Previously EE provided me with three discs for various rooms as the walls in my home are thick so WiFi signal is rubbish from room to room and will often drop out. Epically bad for WiFi calling!


Ive been sent a pod that's plugged in and despite it being right next to me both my devices don't pick up a full signal and speeds are not as good as it was with EE.


if I use a wired device directly to the sky router I pick up the speeds I always got before.


Is there anything else I can do to improve my signal with Sky?


I have considered Google Nest WiFi Pro and EERO Pro Mesh WiFi products as options to try and improve my signal around the home.


Any help or suggestions would be appriciated


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Re: Sky Broadband Max plus Pod

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@willas00 you can ask Sky for help as they will send out an engineer if you are a Sky Wifi Max customer and they can supply another 2 pods if you need them.


However the pods communicate with the SR213 wifi Max hub using a closed 5GHz wifi signal which is never really going to work if your problem is solid walls as the higher the frequency of a signal the more the signal is lost. I dropped the Wifi Max bundle (you have a 31 day cooling off period) and reverted to using my old Deco M4 system which works for me. However a lot depends on your home's layout and exact type of costruction. Although Sky dont recommend them Powerline networking can be an answer for many people as it uses your home's mains wiring to get the data to distant points. The adapters can come with built-in wifi access points.

65inch Sky Glass, 3 Sky Streaming Pucks, Sky Ultrafast + and Sky SR213(white Wifi Max hub) main Wifi from 3 TP-Link Deco M4 units in access point mode

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