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No wifi broke plug

I've knocked my plug out of the wall socket and it's taken the little silver bit at the end of the plug and left in the wall behind. Therefore cut off my WiFi connection. Can't get the silver bit out of the plug socket 


any help or suggestions how to get it out please 


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Re: No wifi broke plug

If you are talking about the three-pin mains plug in the wall having something stuck in it I would recomend you cut power from the breaker to that circuit and get someone qualified to sort the issues. - especially if the powers on it would be very dangerous for you to try and remove a broken prong from the plug


If Instead you have broken the cable into the router itself I would recomend you instead get in touch with sky(this is just a community platform) as they will be able to arrange you a new router & power supply and hopefully fix your current one for use as a refurbished router.


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Re: No wifi broke plug

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@MNicholson99  A picture of what you broke would be very helpful.

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