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No internet

There is no internet on one side of the house and thats the side where all the entertainment and our living room is

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Re: No internet

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@Nasmin in many modern homes the single free Sky hub cannot provide a decent wifi signal in every room especially if you want tobdtream video. However before spending money it is worth ensuring your hub is doing as well as it can by making sure it is out in the open and above things like radiators or furniture.


There are multiple ways to get better wifi. Assuming you cannot movecthe router closer to the area where you need thecsignal Sky can sell you a top up package to get you WiFi extenders. They have two the first Broadband Boost costs £5 a month and will get you a basic booster if you ask for one. The second Wifi Max codts around £7.50 a month gets you a new hub and up to 3 extenders if an engineer agrees you need them. 

Alternstively you can buy your own kit which can work out cheaper in the long run. Loads of options personally I bought a cheap 3 satellite mesh wifi system which provides fast wifi in every room in my 3 level home for £100. This is connected to the Sky hub and repkaces thst unit's wifi. 

65inch Sky Glass, 3 Sky Streaming Pucks, Sky Ultrafast + and Sky SR213(white Wifi Max hub) main Wifi from 3 TP-Link Deco M4 units in access point mode

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