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New user.

We’ve recently swapped from Virgin to Sky, three days ago to be precise and I'm already regretting it. 
We've gone for the Gigafast package which guarantees 600 mbps, I'm currently getting 2.63 mbps download and 13.1 upload, which is quite a way off 600.

Am I jumping the gun, does it take time to settle in ? 
Or do I need to get on the Phone to Virgin agai, as theirs was pretty faultless, but they doubled the price of our package ?

Thanks in advance for any tips, or hints.IMG_0006.pngIMG_0008.png


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Re: New user.

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@ChrisOR3 something very odd with that speedtest as the download is lower than upload. The line guarantee is to the hub not to the device and doesn't kick in until 10days after the activation.You have up to 31 day cooling off period but generally full fibre lines are extremly reliable and provide the speeds bought.


If you test over a wifi connection you are likely to be just measuring the wifi speed in your home which depending on the hub Sky gave you should be around 600Mb/s if you have the black SR203 hub or around 800Mb/s if as Ibsuspect you have the  white SR213 hub for devices that support wifi6 in the same room as the hub. Speeds in more distant rooms will inevitably be lower but that download is very low.


So something is wrong somewhere have you made any changes to the hub particularly turned off the 5GHz band by any chance? Can you run a sped test on a device connected by a direct gigabit ethernet connection as tgst should give far higher speeds?

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Re: New user.

Thanks for the reply.

it is the white hub we have and I haven't changed anything on it, I actually wouldn't know where to start lol.

I could check it on my son's XBox which is a wired connection, if that would work. I suspect I may need to just be patient and see out the 10 day settling down period, but I will try the XBox test and post the result.

Thanks again !


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