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İt is always flashing green and amber

I bought this sky max hub few weeks ago but I had problems with it but angineer has come today and fix that problem I mean we tought so but however my broadband is doing worse right now it just flashing green (few seconds later ) flashing amber and goes white and 10 seconds later keeps doing that again again and again since angineer arrived he came today earlier like 8.30 I had no problem until 12.30 but my sister said that since shes been the house (5.30pm) its keep doing that since 5.30 pm as we know it is 8.25 pö right now anyone know anything?


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Re: İt is always flashing green and amber

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@Kadir1 intermittent faults are really difficult to trace unless they happen when the engineer is testing the line. It is worth checking that the issue is not being caused by equipment in your home especially if you are using a standard copper phone line rather than full fibre. You can grt issues caused by a faulty microwave, fluorecent light or a dodgy thermostat. If the phone socket has only one connection so you are using a line filter it maybecworth replacing that - they are pretty cheap,aand sidelybsold in hardware shops etc- beyond that give Sky a cal to get the issue escalated.

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