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Internet down all day.

Early hours on 5th May our Internet sky broadband was fine. I wake up at 11am to find the Internet died in the night. 


I checked downdector website and over 300 people also complained about an issue with their sky Internet. So I thought, "I'm not alone at least". 


I came  back from work and it's STILL down. 


Last time it was down was due to the copper cables be stolen. Before that there was a fault with the wire outside. 


I'm going to ring the tomorrow but nothing is damaged (from what I can see) inside our house. 


The sky broadband test checker is saying there are no known issues at sky. 


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Re: Internet down all day.

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@Gemgemgem the checker wont pick up local issues within the Openreach network especially at night. Cable theft is a real issue as while stealing copper the thieves do all sorts of damage including cutting fibre links which can be a complex job to fix.

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