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Gigafast stability and speed

Have had Sky Gigafast installed for 18 days and was told to give it 14 days to settle. Went for the highest option of speed as with family of 5, 1 sky 2gb box and 3 mini boxes, 5 gaming devices, multiple phones and laptops, smart plugs and google home devices max speed and bandwidth is needed, I also work from home so need consistent wifi access. Have got speeds between 100mbps and 450 mbps on android speed test app.  I understand my WiFi will not get the full speed as it will lose some with wireless and also with multiple devices. I have ran a few tests e.g. disconnected all devices and only connected 1 x android phone for speed test, test came back 81-136 mbps which seemed odd. Mysky app constantly tells me 600 mbps to hub which I thought was a guide but sky advisor on phone told me that was my actual speed to hub,  I ran test at midnight in the hope the neighbourhood would be low usage which the sky advisor had tried to give me as an excuse. I am getting apps buffering e.g. watching final round of masters and it kept buffering and eventually app stopped working as couldn't connect. Sons games are lagging which is causing a lot of tantrums.  Am I right to take this forward with sky as my previous sky broadband seemed to work a lot better and had a consistent 80mbps connection although it did plummet with multiple devices connected. Any help or advice is appreciated. Images attached from tonight's tests and also from 12th when I ran 1 device test.




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Re: Gigafast stability and speed

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@Grant+Black suspect some of your issues maybe due to the Sky Q boxes as there have been reports of issues of slow speeds that go away when the Q boxes are powered down - they still act as Wifi network nodes in normal standby mode. The Q networking was great when it was launched back in 2016 these days there are far faster systems. Posting your Sky hubs will help show what is going on see Find your Sky Broadband router statistics

The only really reliable network test will be over a direct gigabit ethernet cable to the hub where you should get a speed of 900Gb/s or there abouts if nothing else is running. The SR203 itself should deliver around 600Mb/s over direct Wifi. It is true that Openreach's GPON fibre system allows up to 32 connections to share a 2.48Gb/s fibre from the exchange but in practice the system nowhere near fully sold and very few customers use more than a tiny fraction of the capacity they buy so there are few reports of that happening in practice.


With 5 users I woulld think you would benefit in buying a third party router and wifi system especially to manage latency issues as Sky hubs have no QOS ability to prioritise gaming traffic and simply start to slow down when the load is too great. However you will have to manage your Sky Q TV system as your Q mini boxes cannot connect to third party Wifi ideally you would disable their wifi and connect them by ethernet perhaps to the satellites units of your new system.

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