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Inconsistent broadband

Streaming to our main TV is inconsistent and regularly slows down or drops out completely. The signal to the firestick and TV in our bedroom is fine. The WiFi to our phones is also inconsistent. The router is in a cupboard as that's where the Openreach ONT box is. Broadband checker always states that our broadband is fine and running at 109mb/s. We don't understand where or what the issue is. Is anyone able to advise? Tia

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Re: Inconsistent broadband

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@Cornish3_cats having your hub in a cupboard is inevitably going to impact its wifi signal strength. Wifi signals will not pass through metal and are reduced every time they pass through a solid object, the denser the wall etc the more strength is lost. The 5GHz band is more affected than the 2,4GHz band. .


if possible buy a longer ethernet cable and move the hub out into the open ideally as high up as possible so radiators etc stop blocking the signal. There is nothing magic in the short cable Sky use to connect the hub to the ONT and using a longer cable wont impact speeds unless you use a very old one. Why developers consider a "comms" cupboard is a good idea is a mystery 

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