Discussion topic: Gigafast only achieving 400Mbps

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Gigafast only achieving 400Mbps

I recently upgraded to Gigafast and have only been achieving max download speeds of around 400Mbps.


I have the previous black Sky Hub and saw that they now have WiFi Max which offers a new hub.


Should I be upgrading to the new hub to get the minimum download speed of 600Mbps or would this not make a difference?


Note: Due to the position of the router/ hub most of our devices have to be connected wirelessly.


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Re: Gigafast only achieving 400Mbps

Is your 400mbps direct to the hub or via WiFi?

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Re: Gigafast only achieving 400Mbps

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400Mbs would be a very good speed over WiFi from an 802.11ac (WiFi 5) router, which is what the Sky Broadband Hub is.

The Max Hub is WiFi 6 (802.11ax) and so should  be faster, but only for WiFi 6 client devices.

It's perhaps also worth noting that very few individual client devices actually benefit from even a small fraction of Gigabit speed: the point of that kind of bandwidth is really to supply multiple hardware items with 'enough' connection simultaneously.

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