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Upon starting up my Windows 10 pc in the morning I am nearly always getting this annoying error message.  The only way I can fix it usually is to switch my router off and back on.   Once up and running the network connection is OK for the rest of the day.   The driver for the wi-fi adapter appears to be up to date and also in the adapter settings I have made sure that the power save option is disabled.   Could there be a problems with the router itself or is it possible that I have some malware causing this issue? As far as I know the router firmware is up to date ( 703.0509.R) and the router model is SR203.


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In your PC's BIOS there should be settings to define whether the LAN port stays active when the PC has been shut down. Make sure its disabled 

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I haven't found a specific BIOS setting on my MSI motherboard along the lines of your suggestion, but in Windows device manager under the wifi adapter there is an option to make sure that the adapter is not set to power down to save power.  I have set it appropriately but I thought I had already done this previously and Windows mysteriously set it back to default !   At the moment all seems well but I will just have to keep an eye on it. 


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