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Broadband not working.

Over the past few weeks our broadband has dropped out many times. This normally happens in the evening but has happened at other times during the day. Today it dropped out for over an hour and eventually came back after a hard reset of the router. An engineer has been booked to come and sort the issue out but not until 27th March. 

This evening it dropped out again just as we sat down to watch tv after a busy day, and yet again we have no connection for the tv. Very frustrating considering we pay for the wifi guarantee and now face a 2 week wait to get it sorted. It's not good enough. I will cancel Sky altogether if this happens again tomorrow. 
Any ideas? 
Nothing has changed in terms of set up, number of devices etc. 


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Re: Broadband not working.

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@GP32 if you post your hub's stats then forum members msybe ablle to explain the issue see Find your Sky Broadband router statistics


The delay in getting an engineer out is unusual but there could beca local issue with availability but making threats to leave wont work. If the issue is with the line rather than the hub which seems likely the problem will move with you to a new ISP if they also use the Openreach line.

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Re: Broadband not working.

@Chrisee Thanks - I'll try and post stats this morning. Sky confirmed the line is absolutely fine and the issue relates to connectivity within the house, even though nothing has change in terms of set up for months. We never ever had this issue with BT, and although more expensive... it worked. 
I'd take the additional cost if SKY can't fix it permanently and quickly as I need it for work more than anything. TV is a huge frustration in our house due to connectivity issues, which we also pay an excessive amount for. 


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