Discussion topic: Broadband issues - no internet LED

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Broadband issues - no internet LED

Internet connection has been on and off for the past two days. Yesterday it was unstable all

morning then settled down after lunch.

today it was fine most of the day just a couple of interruptions in the afternoon.

this evening it has gone down totally.

its a sky Q hub.

I have power and wireless LEDs on.

Internet LED is off but ocassionally blinks amber for a few seconds.

have tried disconnecting and reconnecting phone line.

Have reset the hub, this seemed to work momentarily then lost connection again.

neighbours are on BT and having no issues.



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Re: Broadband issues - no internet LED

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@Archibald84 Can you please run the broadband test, this can be done either via the Sky app on mobile data or use the link below.

If it finds an external fault it should enable you to book an engineer.

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