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? Also turned off

Broadband so slow done the service checker done twice it’s not the line twice ! said give it 7 days twice now it's been going on for months ? Also lately the tv in middle of a episode suddenly comes back out to the Home Screen ? 
like some someone has pressed the home or back button ? I've also checked devices on app go on my phone ? No extra devices there?
how do I find out if someone is on my network or app etc 


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Re: ? Also turned off

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@66Liza please post your Sky hub's stats see Find your Sky Broadband router statistics


Its quite unlikely that your problem is somebody on your network it is more likely an issue with wifi signal level or with the external connection. . The TV reverting to the home screen could be a separate issue what TV system do you have if from Sky is it SkyHD+, Sky Q or Sky Stream.

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