Discussion topic: Adding second Wifi router via ethernet

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Adding second Wifi router via ethernet

I've recently moved house and unfortunately, in spite of moving the Sky hub and exhausting all other options, because of the way the property is constructed there are still real WiFi black spots – including in the main room where we'd like to put Sky Stream, but I'm not confident enough in the connection to do that.


The previous owners had installed ethernet points all over the house (presumably because of this issue), and I wondered if it would be possible to plug an ethernet cable into my existing Sky hub and then get another WiFi router to go in the living room, also connected to the ethernet network?


Or would it be best to get a Sky Max Pod or similar WiFi extender? Thanks very much in advance.


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Re: Adding second Wifi router via ethernet

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A 'second router' is almost never appropriate: a standalone wireless access point would be.


A Max pod would only be relevant if you subscribe to WiFi Max.  The easiest hardware to use is a Sky broadband booster which matches the Broadband Hub.

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