Discussion topic: 5ghz disabled on my Sky router

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5ghz disabled on my Sky router

Well I have another conundrum, had a Sky TV engineer visit on Friday morning as I've been having numerous issues with my broadband (yes they sent a TV engineer out for broadband) turns out the devices that are hard wired directly to the router weren't being recognised on the mesh, engineer reset both my main Q box and mini box upstairs, disconnected the ethernets, hard reset the router then connected everything up again, I thought the continuous drops on my broadband and the router rebooting were a thing of the past, had been on 48 hours solid with no drops, until this morning at half 9 voice light turned amber and router reboot itself, logged into settings after it had started up again and noticed the 5ghz channel had been disabled, I have a follow up call tomorrow as I have lodged a complaint and they are trying to get to the bottom of the issue, any ideas, thanks again, engineer was very helpful btw


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This message was authored by Robbo0410 This message was authored by: Robbo0410

Re: 5ghz disabled on my Sky router

Update I have hard reset the router, reset both of my sky boxes, no longer have the main box hard wired I am trying both boxes wireless as I'm almost certain it's a wired connection that is causing the issue, also the gateway was changing to a random IP when the reboots were occuring and the only thing unable to reconnect was the main Sky Q box which was wired to router, could just be a coincidence but I'm trying to rule everything out


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