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3rd party Broadband

Hello All

I have a 2T Q box conneted via power adaptors and 4 mini q boxes, and many home automated devices (20+) all supported on a standard Sky broadband with an average speed of 58M.


We do have some issues with drop outs, freezing and slow downloads.


I am considering a move to full fibre  2 options but am uncertain if the system will work on Virgin or Vodafone - as i have read that if connected to a 3rd party provider the main Q box will connect via 2.4G and the 5G mesh between the mini's to the main Q box cannot be used.


Could anyone please advise what would be the best solution to improve stability on my network?


Many Thanks 


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Re: 3rd party Broadband

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@Dragonrider You may want to post in the Sky Q section as your question has nothing to do with Sky Broadband.

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Re: 3rd party Broadband

Hi @daveNOS 

Thank you for you assistance  - I will also move to your recommended forum.


Just though that I was asking would it be better for my network to switch broadband provider to improve the speed and bandwidth - but this would remove the option to use 5G and only the 2.4G as not being very techy.


Could I still ask anyone -  would the Q box and the 4 minis still set up their own 5G mesh or would the network all revert to the 2.4G if  moved to an alternative broardband provider?


Sorry to have put my first post in the wrong section.


Many Thanks


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