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Xbox Connection

Trying to go on game related websites and my xbox has suddenly stopped connecting to the internet when i check on the xbox it says everything is good and connected but it doesnt actually connect and i cant use anythin on there.  Obviously there could be the possibility that my xbox is on the way out but it was working fine last week.  But ive clicked the change your settings button on the picture at the top and tried to change the settings and the gaming option was ticked but isnt working.  Also tries on different laptops and macbooks and still cant access gaming sites.   Any one else had same problem and how did you fix it please?


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Re: Xbox Connection

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@Hembo13 it is possible that the Broadband Shield parental control filter is blocking the connection to certain gaming sites. If you are the account holder you should becable to log into the My Sky app orwebsite and change the setting to allow adult content as by default it is set to age 13.

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