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Sky broad band bill related query


I've cancelled my sky subcription on Jan 2nd and been told that I will be charged with 80£ as early termination charges which will be including in my month end bill of 33£(Every month my bill is getting generated on 26th and before cancellation last bill I've paid is on Dec 2023).

so total I will be expecting 113£ need to be paid to the sky.I've already paid 65.10£ on Feb 26.Now again same 65.10£ is showing in the upcoming payments which is going to deduct on March 26.

I'm trying to understand this payment,can someone  help on my query please.

Also please note that I've already sent back the sky equipment.




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Re: Sky broad band bill related query

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@Hema369 you will have to call Sky if you want to query a bill. Howver some general points may help.


  • You should see a break down of each bill in the My Sky app or website.
  • Bills are generated st least 2 weeks before the payment date so depending in dates a bill paid after a cancellation often wont reflect thst event
  • Equipment returns can take several weeks to be reflected in bills.as the kit has to be checked
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