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Over charged

I have called sky 5 times to get my bill lowered as I'm now unemployed. I just wanted the most basic package.They said it was done but they're still taking £93 for the last 2 months. What's the point in calling them when they do nothing! Can barely understand what I'm saying anyway!! Couple of friends have basic package and pay £35 pcm??? Been with sky for years..should I just leave? I can't justify £93 pcm!!!

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Re: Over charged

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@Tednbets you can't just leave until you get email confirmation of cancellation you haven't cancelled, don't be tempted to cancel your payment method has this will just cause more problems than answers 


Your not talking directly with Sky, this is a customer helps customer forum only with no account access,you can’t cancel/downgrade online I’m afraid

if you wish to cancel/downgrade choose an option on the link below (which includes a message service - not available in ROI) (just click on yes I need more help)


Note that if your within a minimum term (most Sky contracts have a minimum term of 18 months) for the service you wish to cancel you may not be able to

Also note you have to give the required relevant notice to cancel which is 31 days for tv and 14 days for broadband

Additional information on Broadband: If you are changing to Virgin or cancelling broadband totally you'll have to contact Sky This link should help


If you are changing to another ISP who uses the Openreach infrastructure then join up with them and they should contact Sky on your behalf

If in ROI make sure the flag in bottom right hand corner is set to ROI and refresh the page before selecting an option

for reference cancellations are only confirmed once you have written email confirmation, also remember that if you are cancelling sky q or stream (where stream was ordered on or after 23/02/23) completely all equipment will need returning so make sure when sending back you obtain and keep very safe and indefinitely proof of postage, also note that billing continues as normal right upto and including last day of notice period and must be paid, any overpayment for days beyond termination date will be refunded within six weeks of termination date or you can call sky and they will refund within 3-5 working days once the credit is showing on your sky account

apparently best times to call are first thing in the morning 7am or last thing at night 9pm

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