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Noise on my phone

When making calls phone has horrible noise and I can't hear what the other person is saying

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Re: Noise on my phone



You are in the broadband section here but with noise on the phone line that needs reporting to Sky a telephone engineer is then assigned to look at the telephone line fault and fix it. Sky can be contacted by 150 but if the noise is too bad then a superuser needs to escalate your post so it can be reported to Sky.


Recommend this is escalated to PM with Sky.


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Re: Noise on my phone

Posted by a Superuser, not a Sky employee. Find out more


I have moved your post to the talk board which is for landline phone issues and I’ve escalated your post to Sky and their Messaging Team should contact you later today.

You need to watch out for a post from one of the team inviting you to a private chat and then you should see a blue/red speech bubble at the bottom of your forum page. You’ll have 48 hours to click on it and start the private chat or it will close automatically. If you fail to respond to a chat reply within 48 hours the chat will again close down automatically even if your issue hasn’t been resolved. Replies from Sky aren’t instant so you’ll need to check the chat thread fairly regularly.

This link explains what happens.

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Re: Noise on my phone

Posted by a Sky employee

Thanks for escalating this. We’ve sent @Tracey823  an invite to chat.


Lisa - Sky Tech Team Expert
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Re: Noise on my phone

Posted by a Sky employee

We are still looking to help you @Tracey823 . If you need our support let us know and we can re-escalate to our chat team. Your invite has been closed now. Thanks


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