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Faulty landline for vulnerable customer

My landline has been faulty for a week, cannot make outgoing calls or receive incoming calls. Engineer has been out and confirmed it’s an external fault as confirmed by Openreach and expected resolution date was Wednesday 20 Dec. Rang today as still not working. I'm a carer for my vulnerable mum who lives at the property, is 86, with impaired sight and has many disabilities. She's has to have a working landline as she cannot use a mobile due to her impaired sight and arthritic hands (can't grip). Sky have said there are no notes of the reported incident so has book another appointment for 27.12.23. This means she will have been without a phone for 2 weeks. I'm not there all the time and she has no means of calling for help if anything happens. Sky wouldn't class this as an emergency and I'm so worried for her safety when I'm not there. I want to speak to Openreach but can't find a number. Can anyone help me.


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Re: Faulty landline for vulnerable customer

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@Casper1 Openreach won't speak to you as you are not one of their customers, they only deal with ISP's.


It may be worth registering your mum's account with the accessibility team, they are a specialized team that are far better trained on how to help vulnerable customers, they should also be able to register your mum with Openreach as a vulnerable customer which should raise the priority of  getting the landline fixed.



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