New customer at Sky? Get great deals, useful tips and reassuring advice.

New customer at Sky? Get great deals, useful tips and reassuring advice.


Sky iD


First, set up a Sky iD.


  • your Sky iD is your sign-in for anything online, like My Sky, Sky Go, Sky Store, Sky apps, and more.
  • All you need is an email address (or username) and a password.
  • Making a Sky iD means that you are Primary Sky iD or Account Owner, which means that you (ideally) should be the bill payer, holding access to account/billing details, making changes and accessing all services.
  • It also means that once you purchase something from Sky, you can track your order!

Sky Order Tracking


Alt Text: Sky Order Tracking.Alt Text: Sky Order Tracking.


Use Order Tracking.


  • This site tells you when your parcel is expected to arrive (within a 1hr time slot), the name of the delivery driver, and gives you updates if we're running behind. 

  • Let's say you've ordered a brand new IPhone through our website. You will get email confirmation of your order as well as a text on the day.

  • Top Tip:  If you want to track your order, you'll need the tracking ID from your confirmation email, usually titled, "Information about your Sky _ order". Use this tracking ID alongside your postcode to ensure you're getting those updates!


Useful Sky guides



MySky App


Keep an eye on all of your account details, billing and services with our My Sky App


The My Sky app is the quickest and easiest way to securely manage your Sky products and services, pay your bills and get help if you need it. The app is personalised to you, allowing you to access the information you need instantly. All you'll need to get in is your Sky iD!


Sky Bills and Payments


Your first few Sky bills might be slightly different than you expected. Because you pay a month in advance and services might get switched on at different times, there’s a bit of catching up to do. 


You start paying for Sky from the date we switch you on. We’ll take your first payment 14 days after that and it covers your first month.


  • If your TV is activated on 4 July, your first payment is taken on the 18th, and that bill covers the period from 4 July  3 August.

  • If your services are activated on the 29th, 30th or 31st of the month, and that month has 30 days in it, we’ll take payment 14 days before your next Payment Due Date and we’ll take your first and second bills at the same time.


Sky Broadband Tips


If you have purchased and activated a Broadband Hub, you may experience fluctuating speeds in your first 10 days


We monitor and test your internet connection to make sure you get the best performance and reliability. It’s completely normal to notice variations in your speed or for your connection to drop in and out in your first ten days while we do this.


If you notice that your broadband keeps dropping out, go onto Service Checker. You'll be able to see if there's any problems in your area and run line tests! 


Alt Text: Service Checker on Sky.Alt Text: Service Checker on Sky.


The speed of your broadband can be affected by many things. A good rule of thumb is to place your Hub where there are no other electrical devices (baby monitors, TVs etc), in a room that is central for broadband usage, and to connect as few devices to it as possible. Here are our top tips:


  • If you have a broadband speed of 100mb/s, and you connect 10 devices, each device will work on a speed of 10mb/s, so connect as few devices as possible to get the best performance

  • Boosters and WiFi extenders can improve the WiFi coverage across your home but can reduce the speed to your device if connected through these

  • Smart TVs, Sky Q, lighting and sound systems and app-controlled thermostats, can also use up your bandwidth




  • Make the most of being a Sky VIP! We’re always adding new and exciting gifts and experiences for you to choose from – all ready and waiting in the My Sky app for you to select at the tap of a button. And the best thing? The longer you’re with us, the better it gets. You can get money off Sky Store movie/TV purchases and rentals.


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