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Sky Stream Setup

Sky Stream Setup new customer and it is getting stuck on 'Checking your status...' then after I try the reset as advised, it shows the Software Error and gets stuck on the Updating Software at 0%. I have tried all the instruction steps on the Sky Help section wothout any result, any advice?


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Re: Sky Stream Setup

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@Adorns  Have a look and try anything you haven't already tried.  If you are still having issues post back here and I will escalate your post to the Community Messaging Team and they will invite you to an online chat for some additional troubleshooting..


Are you signed into your My Sky account at  https://www.sky.com/mysky If not sign in before entering your activation code.


During setup you must also be using the same email that is registered to your account. 


Once logged in go to https://www.sky.com/productsettings/streaming-tv/activate This is where you can enter your activation code that appeared on your screen during setup.


The following link is to a setup help guide: 



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Re: Sky Stream Setup

@Fothergill1 Cheers for the reply, I got sorted in the end !


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