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Sky Puck Remote Bluetooth

Had the puck for about a week and after working through various troubleshooting etc, it's clear the remote works fine if set to IR but there is seemingly a bigger issue with the remote/device software when it comes to Bluetooth. The remote often becomes slow or unresponsive and needed resetting each day. It manages to control LG tv as expected, but the next morning it's back to square one. Potentially this is a bigger issue sky need to resolve with a software update as fixes on the community don't seem to be helping anyone? This is a pain as it would be nice to be able to control the TV with one remote and use the voice control function which aren't available in IR. If anyone else has suggestions I'd be grateful?


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Re: Sky Puck Remote Bluetooth

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@Robbo1987 This is something that has recently been reported and only seems to be effecting  newly issued stream pucks. It is currently being investigated by Sky so hopefully a resolution will be found soon 🤞.  In the meantime just use the remote in IR mode.


There is a very comprehensive thread on the issue HERE

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