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Discovery Plus - Upgrade to Watch Message

I know i'm not the only person to be experiencing this but something on the Sky sites would be helpful to know what the actual issue is and when you are going to fix it. 

I have an active sky subscription that you are billing me for, I have an active subscription to Discovery Plus showing in Marketplace and I have been successfully able to watch Discovery Plus ever since this was provided to Sky customers freely.


That is until this past week when suddenly although the app is there, opens, displays all the programmes that are available I am unable to watch anhy of them as it directs me to Upgrade to Watch.  All aspects of this dirct you to chargeable subscriptions which jisn't right, scanning a QR code, inputting an activtation code, signing in and out of my Discovery plus account make no difference, they all work yet there is no option to actually watch anything.  What is happening and when will it be fixed please???






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